Accc online dating scams

16-Oct-2017 23:52

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"Reports of dating and romance scams increased by more than a third in 2016 and, sadly, the amount of money reported lost has also increased by about million compared to 2015," ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickard said."Romance scammers are getting increasingly manipulative so if you are going online this Valentine's Day to look for love, it's absolutely vital that you're able recognise the warning signs.The ACCC is also working with local banks to explore new ways of protecting Aussie victims.Money remittance services like Western Union - a favourite among international fraudsters - are also under the spotlight.

Facebook is highlighted as being a popular method of contact, with those over 45 the most common targets.

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This is where thousands of Australians are sucked in each year, with romance scammers costing the country enough money that the ACCC has stepped in, launching a national Scam Disruption Project.

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This project analyses and filters international transaction data, keeping watch for patterns it considers consistent with fraudulent activity.

Nearly 28% of all money lost in AU in 2013 to scammers was spent on romance scams, adding up to more than million.