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No matter how blurry the line may appear, victims should always remember that a relationship involves a mutual respect for one another and that at no time during a friendship or an intimate relationship should anyone "owe" any sexual gratification to another person.

Core Services: Children’s Services ODVS supports services for children and youth who have been exposed to domestic violence.

These drugs, when mixed with the intoxicating effects of alcohol, can possibly be lethal.

Keep yourself safe by watching your drink at all times at parties and at bars and refrain from drinking from your glass if you have left it out of your sight.

One of the most disturbing things that some people say about survivors of rape and date rape is that maybe they were "asking for it" by dressing or speaking a certain way or even by drinking too much alcohol.

No matter what happened or what course of action a person chose to take, victims of rape are not to be blamed.

Additionally, no person that truly cares about another will ever force them into a sexual situation.