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The stem is a straight, tapered one with the Charatan CP logo on the left side, although quite faded.

It is NOT a double comfort Charatan's stem and there is no "L" in a circle anywhere on the pipe to indicate the Lane era. In the Double Comfort bit era (which appears to be late 1950s on up to the present), you can find Charatans with: ### and no letter at all: The pipe was a taper stem ###X: The pipe has a saddle bit.

As you have "Charatan's Make" as opposed to"Charatan",especially with the Belvedere stamp lends itself to the Lane era or earlier.

Now for your shape number,292 indicates a Dublin shape with a tapered bit.

Likewise, Distiction's were absorbed Executives,new Dunhill owners were very predetory in this way.

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One of the articles I've read about the old Charatan briar supplier stated that he reserved the best briar for them and later Barry Jones' Upshall company. During the period 1988-2002 Charatans were crafted by Butz Choquin in St Claude (France).The Early pipes had a horn section (later plastic) and it was screwed to the truncated shank.I wouldn't be surprised if these estate Charatans smoke very well because of their age. That's online still even if it's on the Internet archive at this point.

Search Query Display pipes dating as: It smokes as good as the others, which is quite remarkable to me.

Frank Blue-that's a name I haven't heard in a long time.