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11-Aug-2017 01:48

This pamphlet may not be helpful if you have serious reservations about their ability to cope and you suspect they could sever their relationship with you. Although most are likely to follow the stages outlined here, allow some latitude for your own parents.

The illustrations and suggestions given here will be drawn from conversations with parents who have attended the Philadelphia Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays meetings.

Just as in grief, the first reaction of parents of LGBTQ kids centers around separation and loss.

They lose the perception they once had of their child and don’t yet know if they will like the real person who is replacing that idea.

Although the things your parents will work through are similar to those you’ve dealt with, the difference is that you’re ahead of them in the process. Separation And Loss Many families take the news as a temporary loss–almost as a death–of the son or daughter they have known and loved.

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