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09-Sep-2017 08:02

Now, the Kindle Fire is very different than the i Pad and the i Pad will still be the tablet of choice for many people, but at such an affordable price and with the tie in to all of Amazon’s media goodies, the Kindle Fire is a great device and I predict it will be THE hottest Christmas gift again this year.

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You can now find very reasonably-priced models that will fit most people’s budgets.

This little camera is a lot like Polaroids except, smaller and cooler.

In the days of digital cameras and phones where many pictures never see the light of day, this is a great option to have around.

The Kindle Fire is a 7 inch tablet that was designed primarily for media consumption – books, videos, etc.

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But since it runs off an Android operating system it can also be used with popular Android apps like Candy Crush and Clash of Clans.

The basic Kindle Fire is reasonably priced making it a perfect choice for those looking for Christmas gifts under 50.

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