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Articles are listed in reverse order of publication date.

For ease of selection, each article is classified as to both subject and religious level.

The newly discovered Uniform Hebrew Calendar was designed to work closely with the Uniform Enoch Calendar, staying synchronized with it indefinitely. The Biblical account of Christ's miracle of feeding 5,000 with loaves and fishes parallels the Book of Mormon record of His miracle of producing bread and wine for the multitude.

It is proposed that the dates of those two miracles were also very similar, both occurring at Easter time. The Uniform Mars Calendar is another witness to the dates of many sacred events throughout history.

The first icon preceding the article's title indicates the subject, and the second is the religious level: "The Priest Calendar Witness of History" (). Homemade solar power modules allow matching 24-volt to 12-volt components as well as switching from sunny to cloudy usage for off-grid small retreat cabins. Latter-day saints have been condemned for treating God's commandments lightly.

Many events of sacred history occurred on days related to the meanings of the names of the weeks on the Priest Calendar. All 364 stars of the Star Calendar have been identified and ordered to correspond to each day of the year. A free downloadable catalog of the stars in the Star Calendar is now available in standard spreadsheet format. Recent work on the Star Calendar led to the discovery that looking at the constellation of Triangulum as a crucifixion T-Cross completes the list of 48 sacred constellations. A free downloadable catalog of the stars in the ancient original 48 constellations is now available in standard spreadsheet format. Precise dates are derived for the zodiac ages defined by the precession of the equinoxes, such as the Age of Aquarius beginning on Sun . Repenting and beginning to live those laws more fully might help prepare us for Zion. God expects us to recognize His hand in all things. The prophecy of a woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet may refer to rare celestial signs of the Feast of Trumpets in 2 BC, 1832, and 2017, which herald the future birth of her son. Joseph Smith fulfilled the prophecy Moses gave of a prophet like unto himself who should be heeded when he spoke the word of God.

"Mars Testifies of Patriarchs and Priesthoods" Meridian Magazine ().

The Mars Calendar testifies of patriarchs, priesthoods, temples and of Jesus Christ. The new correlation of the Uniform Venus Calendar provides an even stronger witness of Adam, the prophets, and Jesus Christ. The Uniform Mercury Calendar testifies of important religious dates, especially of the prophets and Jesus Christ.

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Listings of zodiac star names and designations, brightness and positions in sidereal coordinates with maps. Many reports can be produced with one requesting program, much more easily than by using a relational database. The Prophet Jeremiah provides a powerful witness identifying 589 BC as a jubilee year. The detailed procedure was similar to the creation and birth of all life, testifying of its authenticity. The Lord's Church was restored according to eternal patterns and order.

The witness of the Prophet Joseph Smith is provided in detail. The gospel significance of the constellation of the Sea Goat has been a thorny problem.

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