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15-Nov-2017 09:08

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Then the internet age came in and kind of changed a lot of things including perceptions.There have been good and bad effects caused by the internet in the society.With access to the internet, some myths about dating and sex have been debunked.But there has also been some negative effects such as unsolicited sexual advances towards women online.Many kids in Ghana did not get the “” talk from their parents.It was mostly through TV where most young people learned about what goes in the bedroom.But the question is whether Ghanaians are up for online dating to begin with and can we use it for real personal dating and not just for hookups.

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But one day, more topics like #Future Africa Sex can be discussed and we can have real life conversations. We’ll see where we are in a couple of years down the road when it comes to open discussions about sex and relationships.The terms “Sliding Into The DMs” and the conversion of emojis like “🍑” and “🍆” into sexual objects has been almost standard on the internet.But sexting sometimes crosses the line when men tend to send women pictures of their privates either through Snapchat or other social media platforms.There is a running joke on the internet about this.

This type of thing was probably happening years ago but with the internet and mobile phones, it’s so easy now to just click and send.

That’s not to say that there aren’t people online looking for actual dates.

I think this is partly because marriage is generally more important than dating in Japan. For example, we don’t have a proper Japanese word for ‘to date’.… continue reading »

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A Chiredzi woman who was bitter because a con dom she used during se x with a partner burst has had her rape case against the man thrown out by Chiredzi Regional Magistrate Judith Zuyu.… continue reading »

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