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Hunter Doherty Adams — the world knows him better by his nickname Patch — doesn’t believe laughter is the best medicine.

This comes as somewhat of a shock from a physician, clown and activist who founded the Gesundheit!

"I get asked from time to time: ‘Rocky, you got drafted in the first round, you played a handful of games. " said Trottier, 49, who lives in Indianapolis, where he runs hockey schools, instructional camps and clinics. His problem wasn’t skill." Aside from the possibility of getting lost in the minors after playing 33 games for the Devils in 1984-85, Trottier points the finger at himself. "Doing that night in and night out is what the good players do. You can have all the skill in the world, but if you don’t prepare yourself off the ice and mentally, it’s going to be a struggle," Trottier said. But if he had been on a different kind of team than that Devils team at that time, such as a more established team like the Montreal Canadiens, without a doubt I think it would’ve been different for him. He doesn’t think, ‘My career was the fault of the New Jersey Devils." In fact, his memories are good ones.

"I think probably in the long run a little bit of it was my fault and maybe management made some wrong decisions. There was speculation that I probably would go in the first round. "The one thing I probably lacked and hurt me and kept me from sticking with the Devils at the time was the mental prep of the game and playing night in and night out. "Those first several games I played were very intimidating for me. It was like, ‘Oh, my God." It didn’t help that the Devils lost more games than they won every season until 1987-88 and did not have a very good supporting cast those first few years. "I remember how the fans were die-hard Rangers or Islanders fans.

His message resonates with pretty much all demographics, but particularly with the young.“That’s because half my hair is dyed blue and I only wear clown clothes — and I’m massively immature. My eyes are always sparkling and I’m always having fun.”He’s still practising medicine “every day of my life, dealing with the health of the world — and not what they teach in typical medical schools, where they only cover one domain: diseases of individuals.”To that end, every year Adams organizes a group of volunteers who dress as clowns and travel around the world to bring humour and hope to patients and orphans as well as to build clinics and schools.“I’m never not a doctor.

If I go on anywhere and I see a person hurting, I engage.”Dr.

“That’s why I was beaten up most every day for the last two years of high school.

Because whenever the ‘N’ word was said in class, I would scream really loud and long until everyone in class hated me.“I didn’t know what to do,” he adds.

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"I think some expectations are ridiculous," Bryan Trottier said.

To be an instrument for peace and justice and care for all people and nature in every minute of my life,” says Adams who earned his medical degree in 1971 — without ever having earned an undergraduate degree.“I started clowning as a weird nerd leap, because growing up on military bases, I had to deal with sons of manly men who like to pick on my kind of person.

I found out they wouldn’t bully me if I was the fool.

"I didn’t see him play until after we’d already picked him. There is pressure when you get picked at the front end like that." IT’S ALL IN THE NAME Rocky Trottier faced twice the pressure of an average first-round pick. Citing his questionable knee, the Devils paid him the ,000 minimum and gave him a signing bonus that Trottier remembers as being between ,000 and ,000. I was lucky enough to play in the AHL, which was good back then and probably even better now.

He was targeted as the young face of the Devils and had the weight of his last name. He’s one of the best players to ever play in the NHL.

So I really started clowning to save my ass.”Later Adams learned he could incorporate clowning into a greater mission: to foster “loving.” To that end, he has taken his act to 82 countries to bring a little love to the world.

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